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Sharing and discovering our artistic heritages before the mobility

Updated: Feb 6

Our students of Erasmus Project (5th grade) have been working on the timeline, with their 6th grade classmates, in order to acquire knowledge about THE EUROPEAN HERITAGE before their mobility.

EUROPE DAY is a day celebrating "PEACE AND UNITY IN EUROPE" celebrated on 5 May by the Council of Europe and on 9 May by the European Union. Today we want to share with you some of our moments.

Hi. Today we want to share with you an ORALITY Project in English. We have chosen a nice topic thinking about you: How to introduce ourselves, questions to make friends, about our hobbies, about our families, our schools and hometowns... to be ready to begin our conversations and have nice meetings in our mobilities. It's a win - win project where we share our learnings with ESO 4, high school students. As they've got a higher level of English they help us in this orality project. This is an activity that belongs to their "Learning and Service" Subject.

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